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Your accountant is kept busy working on your accounts. He or she oversees the financial operations of your business, but they are not a tax professional. You wouldn't expect your GP to do your back surgery, or your plumber to rewire your electrics. For your taxation requirementsyou need a specialist. Over time, a tax professional will help you keep more of your hard earned money in your hands. The first step to achieving this is a cup of coffee.

the way I work

for you

First consultation: I don't charge for this. I just want to get an understanding of your tax concerns and how I can help. I will have some very specific questions for you about your business. At the end of our meeting, I'll suggest we meet again to discuss the tax risks and opportunities you face.

Follow-up: I'll send you a brief summary of what we discussed at your consultation, along with a list of commercial and taxation topics we can explore. At our next meeting I will confirm how I can help you, and I will inform you of any charges you can expect if we decide to work together.

Moving forward: When the work is agreed upon, and then completed by me, we'll meet one last time to discuss the contents and implications for you as you move forward in your business affairs.

Year 1

I make sure you're availing of every relief and tax advantage that could be available to you.

medium term

Developing a plan to limit high marginal tax and USC rates.


Executing that plan while ensuring we keep on the right side of the Tax man.


Paul opened his tax consultancy in 2018. In that time he's assisted many clients, as well as accountants and brokers, with a wide range of tax issues. His first port of call has always been the Irish Tax Legislation and every case requires an examination of the legislation, case law and Revenue guidance.

The business is designed for the SME sector, for those clients or owner managed accounting firms who are unaware of all of the reliefs or exemptions they can benefit from and also the potential tax risks they may have inadvertently exposed themselves to.

His motto is "to help clients pay the correct and lowest amount of tax possible."

With time, a small business owner can maximise their chances of favourable tax outcomes whilst keeping on the right side of Revenue. The niches he focuses on are hospitality, R&D and the property sector, as much of his experience comes from these industries.

Paul trained in Deloitte and has twenty years' experience in tax, accountancy and business development.

He is a member of Toastmasters, an ever-hopeful Everton fan and a keen student of USA history.

He hopes one day that young son Jake and daughter Evie will join him in the business. 

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