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If you're in business, tax effects everything that happens to you. Your sales invoices probably have VAT, you may be effected by RCT and you'll be paying payroll also. Ultimately, you are taxed on your profits. Those profits go to two places: You or the Taxman. You share them, but surely you'd like to keep a bigger share?                                                                                         
You may be selling a house, or another asset, but are you aware of the tax consequences?         

You may have received a gift or inheritance, but are you unsure of what to do next?

You may be reviewing your will; wouldn't you like to know the tax consequences for those you wish to make provisions for?

Your situation may involve several taxes and it's my job to make sure you pay the correct, but lowest, amount of tax possible!

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If you have concerns in any of these areas, we can help

Passing business assets to the next generation

Identification and calculation of R&D Tax assets

Use of company pension plans

Maximising termination payments

Use of holding companies

Participation exemption

CGT, CT and Stamp Duty Groups. Leases: Income tax, CGT and VAT

Residence and domicile planning

Using share options to attract and retain staff

Managing close company risks

Retirement relief and Revised Entrepreneurial relief

Selling, assigning and surrendering leases

Managing risks around capital allowances

Reducing family strife through identifying inheritance issues

Buying or selling a property?

Worried about VAT or RCT?

What about inheritance tax?

Do you qualify for reliefs?


"Paul has helped with several clients of mine on topics ranging from inheritance tax, tax planning and several issues around VAT"

Enda Lewis, Enda Lewis & Company, Accountants and Business Advisers

"My siblings and I were the beneficiaries of property contained in a trust. Paul provided much of the research and then explained the complexities involved in a clear manner, helping us get a favourable tax outcome."

Diana, Taxpayer

"Paul helped me with a client of mine who was looking at a property for sale. There were a number of tax issues which Paul addressed to my client's satisfaction and thankfully the client proceeded in buying the property."

Annette, Property Professional

"Paul assisted me with a Revenue return relating to an inheritance I received from a family member."

Tanya, Taxpayer

"Paul assisted me and a colleague of mine with a VAT on property issue and we felt his contribution provided clarity on a complex issue we were facing"

Stephen, Architect

"Paul helped me with identifying future tax opportunities for my business as well as pointing out the risks I could face and I felt it was a helpful exercise"

Ronan, Brokerage Business Owner

"I recently had a case with a client who'd received an inheritance from a jurisdiction outside the EU. Paul investigated the issues and we were both satisfied and assured with the outcome."

Barry, Financial Planner

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